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Hi joaoivo,

I also wish you a great 2021. Hopefully we can get rid of this pandemic.

About the ISOBus question.
As far as I know there is no plan for any specific ISOBus blocks for the PLUS+1 right now.
I'm Sorry that I don't have more information for you.

Have a nice day

Hi Tor, thank you for the update.

Best regards,
João Ivo

Well if someone is still reading this thread, I can tell you that we have successfully implemented ISOBUS on an application with a Plus+1 controller. But for now we are only reading messages from the BUS, the so called TECU messages. (Tractor ECU). You can find a lot of help via the following database:

Implementing VT (Virtuel Terminal) is a whole nother story, and I do not know if that is possible via Plus1 Guide.

That's great to know that is possible.  Coincidentally, I just got a call yesterday from an old customer who's looking to send some custom data they have to an ISOBUS VT.  I'm not sure how to do that or if it's possible. What I have seen is that the ISOBUS VT is really like its own display program, so some brands offer displays that come with the ISOBUS VT on it.

The main display in a tractor ex. often have a menu intended for ISOBUS. The idea is that an implement controller, can upload a screenpage to the tractor display, hence the name Virtual Display (VT). Since the only communication available is Can-Bus, then theoretically It should be possible to do this via a Plus+1 controller, but I think that will be mayor task.

An ISOBUS gateway between the Plus+1 Controller, and the VT is off course the easiest solution:


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