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Has anyone heard of a release date for the PLUS+1 connect portal API? We used the Proemion API for some of our own apps when we ran the WS units. I have still not heard any info on when we can expect something similar for the PLUS+1 telematics product line.

Hello Beezkneez,

This is nothing that I have any information about.
Please contact PLUS+1 Helpdesk and ask:
Select "Plus+1 Connect" in the product drop down list.

Have a nice day.

If it's possible to get some information, can you give us some feedback here?

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day

I got word from helpdesk that the API has been pushed back even further. They are thinking the API will be released mid-late 2024 now. I am not sure what API Palfinger appears to use in the marketing video but it sounds like it isn't available to other OEM's.


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