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who invented plus+1 as programming language?


as the subject...
just out of my curiosity...


Great question.
I have sent the question to a person how should know the story of the PLUS+1 software, and I hope we can get an exciting story. But it may take a while, so be patient.

Have a nice day.

Hello again.

This is what I got.

PLUS+1 as a programming language has its roots from late 1980s.
Göran Nilsson was the one who invented the data flow diagram programming language that has evolved into PLUS+1 GUIDE.
Göran was one of the co-owners of an electronic company (NOB Electronic) in Älmhult Sweden, which was later aquired by Danfoss in 2000.
PLUS+1 GUIDE was released at BAUMA Germany April 2004.
The development of the PLUS+1 Tools is still driven from Danfoss Power Solutions AB, Älmhult Sweden.


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