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Spitting fire and brimstone


I went on a field trip today, and just needed to set a few parameters with the service tool.
As usual, I checked yesterday evening if all was running, and I had all tools, service applications and info with me... All ran fine...
This morning, in the middle of nowhere, boots in the snow after a hell of a trip to a place withour cell phone coverage -yeah, the French still have those :( -
Started the f#cking P1Diag.exe and received the message  "your current license doesn't permit you to run this software. Select another license? Y/N"
Chose Yes, because No doesn't help me, and see a selected Professional  with maintenance until 21-feb-2019.
I confirmed and got a message 'The maintenance period of the current license will expire on 21-Feb-2019"  and after an OK, I'm back at "your current license doesn't permit..."
So, here I am: 5 hours wasted, customer not happy, my boss not happy, and you don't want to guess/know my mood...

How do I solve this issue? How do I prevent this issue of ever happening again? HELP!


I'm going to echo this, as I've had at least one customer in these exact same shoes on a job site.  No snow though I think.  They had the GUIDE Express license.  I had to have them request a new Express license via the License Manager.  I forget all of the details since it's been a while, and I probably blocked it out.  However, I suspect that I had to have them run through uninstalling GUIDE & the service tool, restart the computer, and reinstall - may or may not have done a registry cleanup as well. 

So, maybe give all of that a try.

I think my issue here was an added SSD, which changed the Hardware ID.
Not 100% sure about that, but after requesting a License rehost, all's running again...
Just my luck that this happens when I'm in orphan-mode...

Hi G30RG3!

We believe it was your SSD that was the issue. As you say the hardware ID was changed and then PLUS+1 Software tools demands you do a rehost of the license.

Remember that if you use a .P1D-file with PLUS+1 Service tool you could write parameters and download applications without a license by unchecking the license in License manager. This will give you what we call a built-in license.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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