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I/O Modules on the CAN Network

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Nick Anderson:
I'm thinking about adding a couple modules to our system.  Is it possible to add them to the CAN 1 network of a controller with 2 CAN Ports?  We have large systems and to extend the main CAN network would put the total length close to the maximum.  If I can put them on the CAN 1 network then that will alleviate the problem.

Yes you can do that. Just change the bus that goes into the IO to CAN_1 inside your program.

Hi Nick!

Please check so you do not over use the CAN bus with too many I/O modules.
At page 25 you can read how the timing values will affect your bus load and how each I/O will add bus load.
Verify with CANKing that you do not exceed 50-60% bus load.

Best regards // Thomas

Yes its possible.

I use a MC55 that has 3 CAN ports on it.

I have 1 CAN communicating with a Truck,
another communicating with 2 Displays and an I/O Module
and another one that is communicating with a few output modules.

All through one CPU module.

I would still highly recommend giving everything their own NODE number regardless if they are a different CAN rings.

I thought that each module willl need its own node number.

I have six modules designed in to my system and am having trouble getting data from the only one that is currently connected on my bench.

It shows up as 0, 64 (node 8), but not working yet.


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