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Tier 4F PGN 64775 and PGN 64586


Cummins has asked that I use PGN 64775, DLCC1, and PGN 64586, "SCR System Cleaning," in addition to the "normal" PGNs that are a part of the function blocks.  I know the bytes and bits of these PGNs but I don't know the decode based on them.

You'll need to figure out the complete 29-bit CAN ID.  You can look up its construction with an internet search.  It's just priority (bit shift to the left by 26 bits) plus PGN (bit shift to the left by 8 bits) plus source address (probably zero).

Then you just need to use the split and/or decode BOOL components to pull out the data that you want.

Decoding the address is not too bad given the PGN number.  The issue is decoded the bytes and bits. 

For instance on PGN 64586, SPN 6918
00 = off
01 = ?
10 = ?
11 = ?

Hello guys!

We will actually be releasing these two blocks very soon. If all goes well, they should be out within a month.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

There are flow charts and other details in the (proprietary) Cummins docs that help you interpret the bit values for some of these relatively new PGNs.  It's a little complicated because you need to interpret multiple SPNs to determine the state of a simple on/off/flashing SCR system cleaning status lamp.  I don't know if their implementation is industry-standard or not. (I suspect not.)


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