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Hello PLUS +1 Community,

I am completely new to this controller and CAN.
I am trying to control an electric motor using Plus +1 and Danfoss e-Wheel, I have MC024-120 controller.
I want to read CAN messages from e-Wheel and after some logic send an Analogue signal which will control the electric motor.
The firs issue is CAN messages from e-Wheel, as for example it is U16 signal for steering position, where values 0-4095 contains information of the steering position and 4096-65535 means no information. But when i read messages of specified Bytes using CAN explorer, it fluctuates a lot from 0 to 65000. It gives the correct values also but it fluctuates to point 0 and 65000.
I don't understand what to do now. I am attaching a screenshot here, in that the Red line is steering position, which gives correct value for most of the time stamps but then you can see it just fluctuates. Same happens with Velocity signal. As per e-Wheel catalogue, it sends message in 50ms, so i have same as Log Period in Service tool. Even if is limit the output it does not solve the problem as there will be an output corresponding to maximum the messages of 65000 value should be excluded completely, but also there is 0 which is not correct value but is there. I tried decoding the bits and only taking 12 bits, but of course it does not solve the issue.

I will be hugely grateful if anyone can help me here. Ultimately I need analogue signals to control an electric drive.

Thanks in advance.



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