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Please I have two question in
First question
I have 3 machine version.  I have 3 similar program but with little difference.
The first program version 1 was saved as new version Ver2 and Ver3.
My problem is the name of SCS file stay the same.  But the code inside is different.  The problem also in module viewer the person will confuse Ver1, Ver2 and Ver3.
Please how can I change SCS file at the same time when I do save as.  Thanks.

Second Question:
I have also 3 version of file.p1d  ver 1 ver2 and ver3.

Please how can change value of ECU list when I save as my first program.  I note the ID module change but the value stay the as the first time.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks in advance
with bests regards

Hello macbahi,

First Question:
I see the issue you get, and it would be good idea to have the possibility to change the .scs when using "save as" or "Project Rename". Unfortunate this is not done, but I will add this to the PLUS+1 GUIDE wishlist.
The solution to your problem is to change the name of the .scs file in the PLUS+1 GUIDE when opening the new version of the application.
The image (RenameSCS.png) shows where you can change the name of the .scs file.

Second Question:
The "Value" column in PLUS+1 Service Tool is the name of the application, or the application ID to be correct. This can also be changed in PLUS+1 GUIDE.
The image (ApplicationID.png) shows where you can change the name of the application ID.

I hope it helped.

Have a nice day.

Hi Sir Tor,

First thank you very much.
Concerning first question ok I will try.

Concerning the second question, sorry I didn't understand.
I hope the two images attachment will be clear for you to understand my question.
First version is was as example ....UM01_001 but last vesion is was UM01_005.
So for maintenance person can confuse between version.
So my question is way service tools take the first download but in the module was UM01_004  (ver 4).
And please how can I change the ECU list value

Thanks in advance

With bests regards


As far as I can see in the first image you have not changed the Application ID.
0,23 - DM430_UM01_001

0,23 is the net and node numbers.
DM430_UM01_001 is the Application ID

- Go to your project in PLUS+1 GUIDE.
- Find Service Tool data in the Project Manager (See image ApplicationID.png in previous post)
- Select Application ID (See image ApplicationID.png in previous post)
- In the Inspector change the Description Text to DM430_UM01_005, or whatever version you are on (See image ApplicationID.png in previous post)
- Compile
- Download the .lhx to the unit  (Note that the old Application ID is shown until you have downloaded the new .lhx. (see image AppID_1)
- The ECU value in PLUS+1 Service Tool should now have changed to DM430_UM01_005. (see image AppID_2)

I hope that this clarified things.

Good Luck


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