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diagramm on DP200 (or other display)
« on: November 30, 2012, 06:38:29 PM »

I need to show on display diagram (for example temperature for the last 10 minutes).
I take temperature every 5 sec. and write it in array. So, I have 120 elements in array.
Then I need to show the temperature on display.  Usually for this task I use loop :

- Repeat
- show point     x=i,    y=f(i)
- i=i+1
Until i=120

But it is impossible to do in PLUS+1 system.
It is forbidden to use “Line” element inside loops.

So, only way I see the solving of the problem – draw each point manually.
But it is too much hand work for it and also several problems. If I make even small mistake, I have to change all again.
And in this way there is no possibility to increase quantity of array elements.
(for example next month I will go from DP200 to DP600 and decide to increase shown time).

Can you help me, how can I do it with better way?