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Has anyone been using the Mobile Service Tool on any real applications, and if so how are you liking it?  What are the options for incorporating this without having a Danfoss display to broadcast the Bluetooth?

I never had the opportunity to use the Service Tool Mobile App, but for the Bluetooth link, you could use the Danfoss WS103 Can gateway :

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So I'm proceeding to make a test application for the mobile Service Tool, and I can't help but notice that it has the ability to add gauges, bar graphs, and line charts among other things.  How is it that the Mobile Service Tool has better capabilities than a full Danfoss display?  Remarkable.

Yes, what are the hardware options? 

I have a customer asking about this, and also about remote access, but I don't know what hardware to use as the gateway.  So I have the same question.  The Danfoss site says nothing about hardware nor does it mention the previous telematics gateways (WS403, etc) unless you search for them.  Is there a 3rd-party solution that works well?

The previous telematics stuff is all now offered by Proemion.  Aaaaaaaand they also have a new/better web portal available that is vastly better than the previous.


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