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Design View in offline mode or disconnected


Hi All,
I'm still using 7.2.9 and MC088-015 and since few days, I can not see anything or modify something in the design view when I'm not connected to ECU. The error message is "No ECU information available. A connected system is required".
Everything is working well when I am online.
Thank you for your help.


Hi Pascal!

We always recommend using the latest version (v11.0.8 ) to get access to the latest updates. As you have such an old version you don't have access to our PLUS+1 Update center which would help you to know when there are new versions available. You can find the latest Service tool for download here;

It sounds like you are used to work in offline mode, which works if you have a .PLG-file. Are you in Offline mode when this is happening? Have you used this specific hardware and application combination before? Can you check to see you haven't lost your .PLG-file? Look under File -> Install Diagnostic Data.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Hi Nilla,
I checked and you're right, I just was disconnected but still online with gateway plugged on USB port ! When I select OFFLINE now It's working well, I can modify the design view at the office ! Sorry.

Thank you Nilla.

Best regards.


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