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Danfoss temperature sensor in Plus+1 Service Tool



i have a temperature sensor connected in ECU. Input pin is C1p27.Ohm and unit is Ohm. I must not change nothing in GUIDE Project File.

Can i get the information from this pin but in degrees in Service Tool?
I have Danfoss temperature sensor table.

No, not really.  All the elements only offer linear scaling, some with an offset.  I can think of two options:

* Insert that image into the service tool for manual ohms-temperature cross-referencing, or
* break the table into sections that are nearly linear, within your tolerance, and put in "panel" objects for each of the ranges, using the "hide component" feature to select a valid range of ohms for which to display the particular panel.  Then insert a linearly converted standard log object in each panel for that range.


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