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WS Telematics/Wireless Drivers Version 1.1.x?


I have upgraded my Service Tool installation to 10.1.6 Professional. Since the upgrade from 10.0.x, I have lost the ability to use the WS Telematics connectivity. The release notes states:

[F00385] Feature: WS Telematics/Wireless gateway password support
- Possible to set a gateway password in Service Application properties.
- Password is used when connecting to Danfoss WS devices (no password needed for devices
with default configuration).
- Note: Version 1.1.x or later is required for WS Telematics/Wireless drivers.

Are new drivers available out there for 10.1.x? If so, where can I find them; most of the old links to request these types of downloads no longer works.

Hi jlbantz3fa!

We realize the latest update of our website might not have made some information easier to find and we at PLUS+1 Helpdesk are sorry for this!

Here is where you find the latest drivers for Telematics;   (expand the Download section)

Here is where you find 3D models, Default configuration and request firmware per hardware;

In a near future we hope to include also Telematics drivers, tools and firmware into PLUS+1 Update center!

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Thanks for the help!


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