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Title: USB Stick for DP710
Post by: Mike AA on January 02, 2018, 01:49:37 PM
I have been having some weird issues with USB drives that I plug into my DP710 to pull the application logs off. I have some 8GB EMTEC USB drives that I got which don't seem to have any issues but I cant find any more. I bought a 10 pack of 16GB off amazon Labeled ENFAIN which connect and writes the csv file but the file is corrupted, wont open in excel nor open office nor notepad.

I have my display setup that when the ready (BOOL) is True an indicator on the screen turns RED to tell whomever is using it to not remove the drive. They then press a button which hits the START. The EMTEC drives have a indicator light when there's activity so I can see its writing the file. I haven't yet setup the on screen indicator to tell when to pull the drive I just wait for the activity light to stop. If I wait too long it appears to then write the next value and takes its time to finish before the light is off again and I pull it. Possibly looking for a suggestion on how to make the display stop accessing the drive so I know when to pull it. I wonder if that's the issue with the 16GB not having an indicator light so I know its not being accessed any more.



I wasn't looking at the status of the READ_APPLOG block and I wasn't watching to make sure all the lines were saved. So now both styles of USB drives are working. Ha ha, oops.
Title: Re: USB Stick for DP710
Post by: Mike AA on January 02, 2018, 04:22:13 PM
I have the files saving to both types of USB drives. Simply plug it in and it watches for the END OF FILE status to let me know when its done writing the file then I can pull it out and go about my day. However the file doesn't save continuously it takes a few lines (40-200) saves them then gets the next batch and so on. Once in a while the file seems like it is saving rapidly but the file ends up being corrupt.

Has anyone had this issue saving to USB drives? Am I missing something somewhere about increasing the USB buffer so it can save faster? Currently my log is around 120KB incrementing every 10 seconds one line, about 300bytes. I have the Log setup for maximum 2MB.

Mike Aalderink


Somehow while changing other parts of my program the service tool cannot pull the applog and plugging in the USB drive starts working fine but then the Read Applog total number of lines in the application data log goes from 2500 lines to something much higher in slow delays upto more tan 54000 lines. I must be missing something.