Compile error in 2024.1.3


I see there is some issues with compiling. But only for the display users so far!?
I can't compile on the MC088 either!

On the "error/Warning/Hint messages" tab after 3 seconds of compiling, it shows:

 No specific issues identified"

But, on the Build message tab:

"Graphical Compilation and Linking of VCU_SOFTWARE_2XXXX aborted with errors
WARNING: invalid character '0xBB'
WARNING: invalid character '0xBF'
WARNING: invalid character '0xBB'
ERROR: MKFILE11.mak: line 1: needs an operator
ERROR: #0210 - 1 error(s) occured while parsing the makefile

Hi, there,
What changes did you make after the previous compilation?
Do you have a backup with the 2023 version of the Guide?

Have a nice day!

Hi Camox,

Nothing out of the ordinary!
Except updating to the new Guide 2024.1.3

Yes, I have a 1 month old backup! :'(

If I create a new Application, I does the exact same!

I just did a test on two projects, one using a DP720 and the other MC088-015. Both complied without issues and appear to be producing working programs on a bench test.

It would be good to find out what is causing this issue for some uses. For reference the HWD files for the programs I tested are: -
MC088-015 = V200
DP720 = tested with booth V260 & V270.

With some help from Tor, I can move on again!! :)

The invalid character '0xBB" error was caused by the checkmark in "Regions Settings" on my pc. (See attached picture)

Why this was selected I have no idea! But this did it for me! :)


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