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Hello Guys,

has anyone have done something like this with the DM1XXX?

- showing numeric values and plot of trend of the variables- line graph variable versus time-

basically something like what is done in a spreadsheet, you have your data and you make a plot of the behavior overtime

if so what was the trick for that?

or do you know any other display that could do that?

thanks for the advise

Hey Pinias,

I'm looking into doing something similar in a DM1200T. Did you in the meantime figure something out to do this?

Hey Nickyk,

I gave up on that with the DM1000, I did not find out a way to do that.

I have to switch to a different display -X2 10 inches-

for my application it was not that bad, the controller does all the logic and the display is just that,  a display to monitor all parameters, the other benefit on this display is that it can log to a stick memory  so the memory limitation for logging is not a bad thing. it can do screen shots.

I hope this helps

I also want to do this next weeks on DM430E.
If it is ready, I will post it here.


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