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Mike AA:
I have an inclinometer hooked up and reading my angles on my boom. I am able to read the angle values just fine but I need to reset where zero is. Due to how I have the device mounted I am on the edge of 359 and 0 degrees so it gives me some crazy numbers. I am attempting to send information to the sensor to do the reset. From what I can tell via the canking I am transmitting on the correct ID and byte 1 and 2 are the values I am needing to send. Could someone check this out to see if what I intend to transmit is not what I am transmitting?

I have included the canking output, the top line is from the MC024-020 the bottom line is the sensor, values on byte 2 and 3 should be 0 and 5 respectively if the setting takes.

Any suggestions?


The only thing I can say based on the info you provided is that the CANKing output reflect exactly what you are sending in your PLUS1 GUIDE screenshot. Now, is it the way the angle sensor want it to be, nobody can verify unless you post a datasheet of the actual sensor with a detailed description of the CAN communication protocol.


Mike AA:
I signed an agreement not to share the "proprietary confidential information" so for now I guess I'll just wait for a response back from the manufacturer.

Thanks anyway sam

Mike AA:
Alright, so I think my issue is in how the controller sends data onto the bus.

I need to send

0x0CEFEC19, with data 0xAB 0xCF

which should translate to


I need to somehow send that to my device.

I think the controller is just sending a value rather than binary?

Any ideas?

Mike AA:
I finally got it to work. My issue was the last 2 of the can ID, instead of 19 which is my device ID I changed this to FF and it worked. Also I used the can message on canking to transmit.



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