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Signal to programmable tachometer.

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Mike AA:
Hello I am new to the forum as a poster and have tried searching for anything I can think of to help me. I have been using plus1guide for about a year now off and on and have learned a lot about how to send out different signals and read sensors.

 I am working on a giant trencher that has speed sensors o the track motors feeding to an iomodule which is feeding to a wireless Bluetooth device and being received by a Bluetooth device in the cab then connected to the canbus of the controller, an MC050-018 I believe. I have no issues reading the speed sensors and putting to info on my display to show our speed, the gauge on screen isn't quite accurate but its close. They like having actual gauges showing everything in addition to my display until they're completely comfortable with the electronic display. I am having issues getting my isspro programmable tachometer mc8530 to operate with a signal from the controller. I would like to essentially output the exact same signal I am receiving. I will post code of what I have done so far shortly but wondered if anything needs has any suggestions? I have run a wire straight from the input to the output in code, I have run from input to a switch with just true/fasle or 5000 and 0. Nothing makes the gauge work reading the sensor speed. I believe I got the tach to work just sending a timed signal within the code to test.

Any ideas?

What is the input type?
What output configuration are you using?

Mike AA:
Sorry for the delayed response I got called away on another job.

The input is fed to an IO module on C1P09_MFin and read as a Freq and as a digital in. The freq is sent to a freq to rpm conversion for my digital readout of our traveling speed. The digital in is sent to a transition which then sends out to a digital out on MC050-018 C1P31_DigOut.

I am able to reliably read the speed so I know the input setup is working, I just cant get the output to work the way it should.

I have attached the current setup I tried, the input settings, the code and the output settings.

I was once trying to use the rpm output to feed a timer that would then do the pulses out to the tachometer but couldn't get that to work either.

I don't think the DigIn is fast enough to trigger a True value. Your PulsePerRev is 63 and I assume your shaft is running at a few hundreds RPM. This means that the DigIn will switch ON/OFF at least at a few kHz. This is simply too fast for the DigIn.


Mike AA:
Yes the motor can be running at a few hundred rpm at maximum speed, we don't usually run anywhere near full speed but I need to have speed through the full band. So my best bet would likely be to come off the rpm side and use the value as a delay for a timer to turn Digout on as fast as the rpm is spinning, at least that's what I am thinking next.


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