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Request for Comments on My MemoryBlock

We had some work done by a distributor of Danfoss and after a few years we started having issues with memory blocks not saving/recalling the values programmed, long story short they had wrote the code in a way where it would continuously write to memory (held write lines high for extended periods of time). Very disappointing as we thought as a large Danfoss distributor in the USA they would write good code.

Anyway I have written a wrapper for the memory block that should prevent any of that type of nastiness. I also added some helper logic that configures the block in a manner that I often like to use it. I would like some people to have a look at it and see if there is any potential traps. The goal is that if any of the write pins get held high, only one write event happens.

Shortfalls that I know of are if the memory is busy when the write command comes in then the write fails, the pend output is not handled and I can't think of a graceful way to handle it.


Are you still interested in discussing this or have you corrected what you thought was wrong with it?


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