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controlling current direction


I would like to control the rotational direction of a Bosch servo motor (0 132 801 141). In order to do so, the supply and gnd pins have to be switched. It is called a servo, but is not really, since there is no internal position feedback. That is why the reversal happens externally, I guess.
I would like to do the control of the current direction on my MC050, an I was wondering if it would be possible, by connecting two MC output pins to the servo (+ and -), and then controlling the duty cycles of each output pin, to make current flow one way, or the other ?
My concern is if the output pin, when acting as ground, has to handle the current (max 0,5A)

Any thoughts, or ideas are most welcome.

Hi Hans

On the MC050 Pins 37 & 38 or 42 & 43 can be configured as H-Bridge. I have never needed the functionality so I don't know the particulars. There is a document called Output Configurations for PLUS+1 Controllers that can be downloaded from the Danfoss website that should help with setup.



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