Author Topic: General Network Setup according to Functions or installed PVG structure/sections  (Read 6757 times)

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What is the best practice regarding node ID assignement or rather the CAN network setup.
I see there two ways.
1.) Each machine control function will get its own NID
2.) The NIDs will be set regarding the order of the installed PVGs.

Could you recommend one way?

Thank you very much!

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In cases where I've used the CAN controlled PVG actuators I assign node ID based on function.  That seems the simplest way to me.  That way I know the valve for Function A always has node ID X, and so on.  In cases where they need to do a field replacement I've either come up with a programming routine that only works if there's one new valve plugged in at a time.  If I remember correctly I did this by monitoring for the default node ID, and there was I think a way to determine if there are multiple new sections plugged in.
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