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PWM Current > 3 Amp

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If you can justify it, have you thought of using an MC018? HEAPS of current available there :)

We use MC050-110, OX024 and MC024-130 in this machine. Normal PWM outputs.

Remember to connect the additional power supplies according to the controller, for example in mc024-120 you must connect positive c1p2 and c2p11 and c2p12. it can add two outputs so configured as supply source to reach 6 amps with two outputs parallel to a solenoid (google translate)

Thanks, (we allways connect all positiv pins to power)
but often, there are not enough pins. So, we need a little more than 3 A at 1 PWM-Output by digital configuration, no PWM current or PWM voltage. Just On or Off.
Actually the current is 3,2 A and it works.

But, is it allowed?

IMO depends on how strict you are about staying in the green vs edging into yellow. 200mA over is not a lot. It seems they are stressing the 5A as the hard limit for output tripping which you are well below. I do not however know the internal hardware or setup so I would test it out thoroughly before shipping.


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