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Hallo gurus,
Is there a way to have a 5v DOUT DC on a MC050-110? I wish to avoid to install a DC/DC Converter...
Thanks in advance

there is sensor power pin on c1p8 and sensor power ground on c1p9.
You can't switch it.
I believe, max current is 360mA.

If you did need a switchable 5 VDC out you'd have to use an output set to Duty Cycle control and reference the supply power along with a little math to make the duty cycle create a 5V output.  In my experience you can keep it within 0.05 volts or even better accuracy.  That said it's certainly not going to be a true regulated 5 V out like on pin 8.

Thanks everyone for the answers.  In fact it is exactly what I did, only it seems that the problem is the frequency (max 4khz).  I believe I will take a PWM / DAC converter to have an effective DC current

And please think about, that hardware couldn't output more than 5V, if there would be an software error!

Do you need a switchable 5V supply or do you need a voltage output between 0 and 5 V regulated? And what current?


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