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Hey sampler

it is as Richard said, update the J1939 library to the latest one, it seems that you still at 3.0 version.

on the other hand, make sure the engine broadcast the DTC as per J1939, I have learn with other engines that it just may not happen and they have their propietary DTC´s which will be a SPN out of range from J1939 known SPN´s

most of the time they do have a FMI 31

I hope it helps

I received information from Mercedes that in case of more than one error, ADM sends error information not with DM1 protocol but with Transport Protocol TP.DT and TP.CM (0xEB and 0xEC). Unfortunately, there is only TransProtocol Tx in the J1939 library. Can anyone suggest how to decode error codes in the protocols mentioned above?


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