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Dp200 connecting to printer

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As you probably realised RS232_USB is where you need to set the mode of the output pins for RS232. Mode should be 1.

See the attached file. This is the other RS232 page were you do the configuration of the message and send the data. You should be able to ad this in and connect it to the outputs bus. Note this is from a DP720 so I cannot guarantee that it will work with the DP610TM.

Basically steps are: -

* Set the options for Baudrate, Stop Bits, etc.
* Create an array that holds the data you want to transmit and connect it to TxMsg_Data
* Set TxMsg_Len to the length of your array
* Set TxMsg_Tx to true to send the data
Sorry I don't have an example I can share, I am currently working to a tight deadline on a project.

I really appreciate the feedback and the example!

I will apologize in advance in case I start asking questions that seem to have obvious answers. With that being said... in the RS232 page you attached, did you create that page and the signals (Baudrate, Stop Bits, TxMsg_Data, etc) or is that info that is already on the RS232 bus? I opened a DP610TM application as well a DP700 application that both have RS232 functions and the RS232 pages in both look identical but I do not see any of those signals on the bus.

So, both templates used in the applications I am looking at are older ones that do not have the secondary "RS232" page below the RS232_USB" page which where my confusion was coming from. Makes a lot more sense now that I see the second RS232 page.


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