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This is not limited to Danfoss.  I've worked with several different brands of mobile microcontrollers and just a few different PLCs.  Mobile industry microcontrollers very, very rarely have the feature of being able to download the program from the controller.  In fact I only know of one mobile microcontroller that has that feature.  You're not thinking of installing a PLC on a mobile machine just for this reason are you?

This particular machine is fixed, it's a rock hammer but we have them on mobile equipments as well. The only advange I see with this product is it is pretty compact and I understand the use of locking programming when technicians are readily available. But on machines underground and hard to reach locations where the on site personnel is responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting, locking production equipment is ludicrous imo.

And yes, it has crossed my mind because we have to start from scratch because of that reason.

Have you been able to reach out to the company that did the original programming?  They should be able to continue supporting that machine or, possibly, be willing to supply you with the .p1p project file for the program.

The manufacturer doesn't exist anymore, they went belly up a while back. No external support. I had to remove the danfoss minicontroller and swap in a PLC and McGyver this. Really not the best looking setup but works for now. Was hopeful to find a solution on here.


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