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Data logging limitation


Mike AA:
I am using the applog data logging ability to frequently record machine data, unlike most who use the logging for errors and alerts we are using it for daily logging. I have nearly 30 data points that I need to log. I know about the 20 point limitation and it really hinders data analysis and makes merging data much more time consuming. Has anyone had any luck on a danfoss work around doing more than 20 points? There must be a reason for the 20 point limitation since you can log data until you run out of memory. MY current work around involves having 3 machine data logs which I still need to further manipulate taking more time.

I am using the applog like was discussed in this thread

I am investigating the data logging properties of the CS10 and CS100 but they appear to be very limited to non existant.

I started looking at external data loggers but they add more complexity by needing to convert the log file.

Mike I am using the applog for daily logging on a drill rig, logging at 1 second intervals with more that 20 points.

The work around I have is that I create 1/the 1st point that is my 'header' of the CSV file, using Commas as my delimiter between the 'points' I am logging, this 1st point is written only once at the beginning of the log.
This is done so that when processing the CSV in excel by using 'Text to Columns' feature, each column of data then has a header for reference.

The second point is a STRING of all the points that I want to log, using a POU and instruction CONCAT, I merge all my inputs together, inserting a comma delimiter between (for the reason above), and then outputting a STRING to the applog
This 2nd point is written at 1 second intervals.

I haven't found any character limitations using a STRING in this method.

See the screenshots, my 2nd point is actually 3 STRINGS, again separated by a delimiter of a comma for processing in Excel.

I also have the CS500 in my project, yes it is completely useless for applogging/datalogging, as it can't receive strings, signed values and is limited to 31 byte messages (U31).
PLUS+1Connect Reports and Charts don't have the capabilities of the applog. Plus+1HelpDesk has told me it's in the pipeline, don't hold your breath.

Mike AA:

I tried a while back using the POU and got confused and now realize it is essentially a text coding ability within Guide. I have done a fair amount of text base coding so I understan the logic you have posted. I created a program and brought in a bunch of variables which I am monitoring, come to find out CONCAT has a 16 position limitation so I limited down my list from roughtly 30to 16, which is in cluding text like you had in your example.  Do you have an example of your DATE string and how you are laying out the string?

Thanks for the help so far.

Ah I didn't realise CONCAT was limited to 16, I guess the work around is to then run two POUS and CONCAT two strings together again and so on as required.

See attached my date time page.

Mike AA:

Thanks for the examples again! I figured you through into an array and this will all work perfectly for our uses. I have to change a few things but it should all work out. Arrays and Strings, a great way to put a whole lot of data in a small space.


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