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Hello all,

I and new Danfoss product user. I brought a JS1H Joystick PWM. I want to connect it to my laptop in order to program it on Plus+1 software. What hardware kit should do i need to establish this communication ?
the joystick has 2x 12-pin DTM DEUTSCH connector (1 black and 1 Gray). I know i'll be needing a gateway CG150-2 to establish the communication between the joystick and my laptop. Is there anything else required ?

A reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks Guys!

Hello Tannnnn,
JS1-H joysticks operate in CAN. If you want to connect to the joystick, you need to supply it with power and connect it in CAN to the CG150.
You'll find the wiring diagram for the joystick in the documentation:

Please note that JS1-H joysticks are not programmable. You can, however, set them via the service tool and the dedicated file you can obtain from the update center.

Have a nice day

Hello Camox, Thanks alot for your message.

Sorry for the below long message but i kindly need your input on this one.

The circuit I'm dealing with in my application include 1 x JS1H single axis PWM joystick, One pump having 2 x 24V proportional solenoid Valves A and B (for Right and Left) rotations respectively, and 1x ON/OFF Solenoid Valve for brake +24 Volts const. I've attached a basic schematic for clarification.

I want to set the joystick parameters to perform the below functions:
- Joystick in Forward: Energizes Solenoid Valve A (Proportionally control its flow) and at the same time energizes brake solenoid Valve with +24V (constant).
- Joystick in Reverse position: Energizes Solenoid Valve B (Proportionally control its flow) pin and at the same time energizes brake solenoid Valve with +24V (constant).
- Joystick in Neutral Position: Solenoid A,B and Brake Solenoid are all de-energized.

From your experience, is the above feasible with this joystick ?

Thank you very much!

For me, this isn't just possible with your joystick.
You need to add a controller that will control your hydraulic elements according to the joystick information.

If you have the PWM version of the joystick (JS1H PW) this should be possible as the documentation states that it has 4 PWM outputs and is programmable in Plus+1 Guide. There is a HWD file for the JS1H PWM downloadable from Danfoss Update Centre. Sorry I can't help with the details as I never used one, I assume is will he similar to programming a controller.


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