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OX024-110 CAN1 problem


I usually use SC050 ou SC024 CAN0 with module OX024-110 Can0.  It's work very well.
But now I am changing my communication with CAN1.  So I can not see my module OX024 -110.
Please the CAN+ CAN-  of module OX024-110 can be CAN0 and CAN1.  Or only CAN0.

Thany your for your help
With best regards

I can't comment from personally experience but the first thing that comes to mind;
In your SC GUIDE program have you changed the CAN address for the Expansion Module to CAN 1 ? as default is CAN 0 I believe.

Thank you for your reply.
Finally it's correct but I don't know why In service tools the module OX024 is connect to CAN0 despite being connected to CAN1 in guide.
Please see image.  And also I can not see the SC050 secondary.
But it's working.
Thank you for your help

With best regards

It's possibly because your CG150 is physically connected to CAN0?

The ECU list shows the port that you have connected to on each device. As the OX024-110 only has one CAN port this is showing as CAN 0.


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