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For those that make their own graphics and icons, What programs do you use?

I get kind of annoyed with Inkscape, but I guess it is fine.  Recently a bunch of images I created with it somehow generate errors when opened with chrome, etc.  Still looks OK in Inkscape and GUIDE, but it has me nervous for the future.  Looking for alternatives.  I'm leaning towards a simple web based tool since it is more likely to create clean and simple SVG files.

I am starting with inkscape at this time. I hope it is usefull.
At the moment, one graphic is imported in Guide and one makes problems and I don't know why.

Affinity Designers is my preference, reason for that is if you get involved with Danfoss RCT this is the program they use for there graphics so I have stuck with it to learn it's intricacies.


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