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Using no gold plated contacts instead of original gold plated contacts

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I have ordered Deutsch gold plated female contacts for Danfoss Controllers.
But I get non plated contacts.

What do you think: Is this a risk to use without gold plated contacts?
I think yes. If there are very low currents and after a few years it might be a problem.

Has anyone experience with this? What says danfoss?

SJ Industries:
I use gold plated when ever I can, that said after many years of breakdowns on mine sites i can say that 90% of electrical dramas will be the wire itself not the contact between pins. Non tinned wire is terrible. Assembly is key, people not putting the blanking plugs in is a killer. also corrosion x sold by snapon over here is the awesome, a little squirt of that keeps moisture out and the seals in good cond. I dont rate dialectric grease.

So after all that, if your wire is good quality then non plated pins when nothing else is available should be fine.

I've made extensive usage of the non-gold contacts without issue.  The only time that I've insisted on the gold contacts is for a very, very long CAN bus.

Same as SJ & Tom.  Oldest machine still in service has been open to the damp weather for over 8 years without a single pin-corrosion problem.  Sealing plugs and tinned wire are much more important, in my opinion.

Hi guys!

We would recommend gold plated contacts.

The main reason is for our input pins. The inputs have a high resistance and that makes for a low wetting current, so any corrosion/oxidation could cause issues over time.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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