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Is there any way to integrate GUIDE with source code version control, say SVN/CVS/Mercurial? It would be really cool to have some version control. We have two teams working with the same code, so checkout/merge features would be beneficial.


Hi Kid!

Thanks for your post.

It is not possible to my knowledge to integrate GUIDE with a Source Control Software. We use a software to check in and out code but that is done manually without features like you mentioning.

Maybe other users has some experience?

Best regards // Thomas

I think it's going to be neigh impossible to do it on a graphical project.
>1 developer on a project may warrent C if it's got any size to it.

As a general update we've been using SVN to manage our code base (both C and Sauer Plus 1).
It works mostly, as far annotating and tagging, but is a bit problematic since Plus 1 seems to change a large number of files anytime the project opened, even if it's not modified.

We find ourselves reverting a lot to undo these changes and keep a known copy.
What's necessary and whats not isn't obvious, I ignored a few files that it changed on a read only access, but then the next time I opened Plus 1 it failed to do a compile changed and forced me to do a full rebuild, so I must of have confused it by not including some of this information.

Is there a way to turn this extra information storage off?
Does anyone have a recommended ignore list for using Plus 1 with revision control?


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