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The big question is what is the target device. The free version supports only the MSP430 and C28x devices so if the controllers use one of those then the free should be sufficient. Anyone know what chip is inside the controllers and if all the different models are all the same?

I see that the DP200 and DP250 are ARM based and there are build instructions there for them but what about the DP600/610/620s? I assume it is also ARM based but they seem to have been left out.


Hi Thomas,

thanks for your reply. RadioAct is right. We need to know which controllers are used in the different devices.
Please don't understand me wrong. We don't want you to create our CCPs, but also don't want to buy this expensive software package.
We already use two different C compilers. One for PIC programing and one for programing other devices than SD.



I understand that you do not want to buy the full package.

All necessary information is included in this document:

Within a couple of weeks we will have updated the manual, right now there are some small gaps in the documentation but we are working on it.
We will also post the example files that is mentioned in the manual.

Best regards // Thomas


I found a downloadable free 5.2.5 compiler on
after a small registration, you will be able to download it.
I'm going to install it now...

OK. So far, so good. During compilation with cl2000 the following maessage occur:

Uploaded with

any idea?


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