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Title: Memory used in Guide´s Project
Post by: Diego on July 30, 2012, 09:30:38 PM
Hello. I´m working in several DP610 projects and I need to know the memory used in them. But Guide doesn´t give me a clear information.
Only have this hidden message in Builder screen:

****** Memory Usage in bytes ******
Type            Total           System          Application     Free            Used/Avail     
ROM             8257536         247932          960464          7049140         12%             
RAM             16777216        312628          980884          15483704        6%             
NV               2000              0                  252               1748              13%             

Can you tell me if there is a tool that give more information? ie: PLC programming software give to user a real time information about how much memory is being used on the current project.

Can you explain to me the detailed information of the generated code above?