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Hello Everybody,

one of my customer wants me to provide a new langugae to his project.
Does anyone have an idea how to add cyrillic :o fonts to an existing project?

I got it on my own...
- Just have to add a new language (in my case russian)
- selecting code page 1251 by right clicking on the new language
- Change Windows keyboard layout to "Russian"



 I had been glad already too early...
the signs on the flashed display doesn't look cyrillic.
Every advise is welcome...

I had to install Arial Cyrillic fonts to my project to make the Russian language work on our screen.  The other languages in the project use Courier so I made a switch in the program that changes the font based on the language the user selects.


In the manual we got a chapter called "How to" and at page 589 we got "Define Screen Page/How to Display a Non-Roman Alphabet"

If you click Start button - Program - Sauer-Danfoss - PLUS+1 GUIDE 5.0 - PLUS+1 GUIDE documentation - GUIDE user manual.

I hope this is useful.

Best regards // Thomas


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