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Hi everybody,

is there any way to import more detailed bitmaps to the DP610 like any kind of vector graphics? My bitmaps always looks very rude... :-\
The shape "line" seems to be fine enough, but I don't want to create all pics by using this line...

I agree.  Actually I wish the screen had a better resolution.  Some of my screen icons are only 20x20 and they look very blocky.  :-[

Agreed, screen needs improved in order to compete with new screens on the market.


I do all my gauges, needles and pretty much everything I need for the DP600 using the PRO/ENGINEER software. I set almost every color I need and looks pretty good. If you want an example just send me an email.

I also create my graphics first as a vector graphic.   But then I have to create a .bmp file from the vector graphic to use in the Plus+1 displays.


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