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Is it possible to convert a 0-5V or a 0-36V signal to a 0-10V signal with a PLUS+1® Controller MC050-110 and MC050-112?
Is it possible to scale the input in the program? If so, how and can you do the same for outputs?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, it's possible depending on how accurate you need the 0 - 10V to be.  The controllers don't have outputs or functions specifically designed to drive 0 - 10 V, but it can be done with a small amount of cleverness.  The method requires setting the output to duty cycle control.  From there you reference the voltage of your power source which is just the voltage on pin 2, and using some math you can vary the duty cycle to generate 0 - 10V.  We've been able to do it with roughly 0.01V accuracy.

An example would be if your power to the controller is 12V exactly and you want to output 10V then you set the duty cycle of the output equal to 10/12 x 100% which is about 83.3%.  The exact logic in your controller will take a little fussing around, but that's the gist of it.

Thank you verry much!


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