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PGN 65259 SPN 588

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I want to use PGN 65259 SPN 588 in order to get engine serial number but I didn't find this function in Danfoss library.

So I must to do any alternative to get it.

I didn't understand:   stat byte = c and length =200 byte  .  Please see the file included.

Please anyone have any ideas what might be the issue?

I will appreciate your collaboration if you have a similar code to share.

Thanks in advance for your help

With best regards

Hi Macbahi,

PGN 65259 is a multipacket message with variable length.

This PGN is available under Bidirectional->TransProtocol_Rx->Parsers, and it is called CI_Parser

To receive and process the message, you'll need three blocks.
1. Req_PGN_Tx: This will be used to request PGN 65259 from the remote device
2. TP_RTS_CTS_Rx: This is used to receive the multipacket messages. It needs to be configured to receive PGN 65259
3. CI_Parser: This block is connected to TP_RTS_CTS_Rx and decodes the message into a nice friendly signal.

There is a small J1939 Example in the update center that shows the CI_Parser, but it is missing the Req_Pgn_Tx function which is needed.


Hello sir,

Thank you very much to answer me.

but I don't know where I find Bidirectional->TransProtocol_Rx->Parsers, and it is called CI_Parser

With regards

They are slightly newer functions, but they are available in version 5.10 of the J1939 Library.
I've attached a small screenshot of the library tab and have added red boxes to highlight the 3 functions I mentioned.

I've also added a little picture example of how the 3 blocks work together.


Hi sir Matt,

Thank you very much.

I updated my J1939 library 400 for 510.  I found all.

Thanks for your help

Yours sincerely


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