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We use and program Danfoss MC controllers for several years.
Now we need to implent "safe" controllers and suggest to use the SC controllers to our machines.
All the topics here are very old, and have no feedback. Does anyone use these controllers? It would also be gratefull, if there is a functional safety training.
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Hi neumaier-industry!

At the moment PLUS+1 Helpdesk don’t have any training in Functional Safety. The plan is to offer a safety related software development training, focusing on PLUS+1 GUIDE and using our SC controllers, beginning of 2020. It will not be a training in learning functional safety standards.

We have many customers using these controllers but what's important to think about is that it's not enough with just choosing a safety controller, but your total machine development both hardware and software wise. To customize a machine to functional safety is not only related to hardware but also how you design your application. To be able to know how to design your application you need to know what safety standards are applicable to your machine area.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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