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Has anyone any good ideas for a Modbus to CAN converter that is easy to use and setup?

I need a sensor not available on CAN, so i need to use Modbus and convert to CAN.

I have programmed a Danfoss HMI with an RS232 port to be a gateway between CAN and Modbus. It took some effort but it worked in sharing about 1000 values.

ZanInno, would you be able to share some more information on this?

I have a DM430 with RS232 - then a RS232/RS485 converter - and a MODBUS sensor at the end.

I'm struggling to fint the right commands/array values to read the registers.

F.ex. the  sensor has address=1 and i want to read the register "3026". What would be the correct string command or array?


Use a RENU modbus to CAN gateway, it is a low cost and simple to use the only thing is that it just works with 29bit CAN messages

I have sued that in several applications with no issue.



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