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PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool 2021.1 is released


Fast. Easy. Open. Three pillars sustaining and guiding advances in performance and features of PLUS+1 GUIDE and Service Tool, a fundamental framework that continues with the 2021.1 release. Rest assured, Danfoss is committed to further improve the PLUS+1 software platform to enable customers with intelligent and intuitive tools to shorten product development cycles.

GUIDE 2021.1 incorporates new features to ease machine design and offers an improved UI/UX. The following are part of this new release:
New features
•   Use the parameter overview to set diagnostic IDs for UDS
•   Improved overall rendering, editing and navigation performance with the introduction of Direct2D graphics
•   When using the test tool to test GUIDE code, now is possible to add new test definition files in excel format, group tests, and use command line mode
•   Extended FMU functionality to export a PLUS+1 GUIDE page or module to a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) according to version 2.0.1 of the Functional Mock-up Interface standard. Now possible to use command line mode, structured signal names,
     Dot-delimited CAN messages, and simulated applayer.
•   Optimized search reducing the amount of indexing for units not saved or modified

Service Tool 2021.1 
New features
•   Customizable tooltips for Advanced Page components
•   GIF animations now supported 
•   KWP2000 and UDS protocol support formally released
•   CAN FD gateway support 
•   Flexible CAN tunneling option for PLUS+1 Interlink and Interlink remote devices

Easiest way to update, and keep you updated on any new releases, is by using our PLUS+1 Update Center.


A "What's New in PLUS+1 2021.1" video has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

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