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Dither Amplitude and frequency for EDC valve

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--- Quote from: Krusty on September 12, 2016, 08:08:27 AM ---How are you figuring out what the perfect dither frequency is?

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Lots of testing! I installed some memory so I could change the Dither freq and amplitude and just began playing and using the scope functionality of service tool the evaluate the results.  I highly recommend the API for your controller as there are only certain freq available and the max amplitude based on your application.   Good luck!


--- Quote from: Marbek_Elektronik on September 26, 2015, 09:47:45 AM ---I can speak for Hawe valves:

ReqFreq: default 4000Hz
PinConfig: 5
Maximum current 1100mA
Dither frequenc 100Hz
CurChgLim: default 111
Dither amplitude 100mA

For all valves an all dirctions the same parameters.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread from 2015/2016.... I can create a new topic/thread if necessary.....

I am running into some Dither related questions, specifically on a HAWE valve.  Mainly it is the Slew/Swing valve of a crane.  24V system.  At first I was not using dither, and the control was not so precise.  Adding dither has helped, but it still isn't perfect.  I am trying to narrow down the right values for the Output Config.

Marbek_Elektronik..... I am essentially using the values you mentioned.  However you mentioned a Dither amplitude of 100mA.  Is that a value of DitherAmp=100, which is actually 10.0mA since the unit is 0.1mA?  Or DitherAmp=1000 which is actually 100.0mA?  I have tried both ways....
-Input value of 100, corresponding to 10.0mA, and it works fairly well.
-Input value of 1000, corresponding to 100.0mA, and it the movements seem very jumpy/jerky.
(I left it at 10.0mA for now)

Another thing I am noticing..... is this normal?
-When moving the joystick from Neutral to 1% (min), it commands 230mA to the valve, and it is a nice slow movement.
-However if I "slowdown" from max speed (100% joystick) down to the same 1% (min), command is back to the same 230mA, but the movement is noticeably faster (when compared to neutral to min).


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