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Apitech bankvalve


Hello All,

I'm working with an Apitech bankvalve, to control proportional sections a 33hz pwm is required.

Generating 33hZ PWM without dithering, the valve behavior is not good as expected; has someone an idea of which dither frequency and amplitude could be used with this hydraulics?

Many thanks in advance!


in my exp. w/apitech valves. the plus1, although it can get down to 30-33hz. still cannot replicate the waveform needed to properly drive the apitech valve. Guessing now, that plus1 has installed internal diacs on output pins, to protect the output channel. This effecively chokes the "flyback" that a true apitech driver card creates.
What i have been successful at, is to simply using the plus1 to enable/disable an apitech driver card. The control pot still goes into the driver card. much simpler than analog_out/pwm_out to the card's input.


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