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New Danfoss Telematics vs old

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Mike AA:

I think I am a little confused about the function of the cs100. Would the cs100 allow me to connect remotely and view variables/stream data? The documentation shared here so far I don't feel tells me  clearly. I like the ability of using a smartphone to show engineers data instead of a laptop sitting on a pile of pallets that they can come walk up to. I just don't know which equipment will work best with this requirement.

I already have 2 ws103 and 2/3 ws403. Are these still usable? Will the mobile tool work with these?



I haven't heard that the WS products will change. They will work as they do. But of course, there will be no updates.

For the CS100, this is the information I have:

To get more specific answers i would recommend you to send in the questions to the Plus+1 Helpdesk. It's easier to forward the questions to the experts that way.
Click this link to create a case here:

I'm sorry I don't have better answers for you at this moment


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