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S42 EDC hardware template not putting voltage on pin.


To simplify the programming of my MC050-10, I'm using the hardware template for the S42 EDC pump, located here:

I've hooked up the necessary buses and input signals, and set it to +50% output (i.e. 5000 on the CmdIn wire).
However, the two pins allocated (44 and 45) have zero voltage on them.
I know I can set the voltage or amperage myself, as I have put pin 42 on a PWM with 50% output.

What should I investigate to get this working?

Have you got the EDC or dummy resister connected? EDC blocks shut down if resistance is too high or too low.

I have neither connected.
I assume I need a 18/20 ohm resistor to simulate the two coils?
I can't recall where I managed to find that, but I'm pretty sure that's what the docs said the resistances of the coils were.

Works with a 19 Ohm resistor on each pin.


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