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BJM1Rx1 Jostick interlocked to Boolean switch


Hello all,

I am using a CAN based Sauer Joystick (JS1000 series) and would like to interlock the joystick to a boolean switch to add functionality.  I am using 'X' axis to control up/down function of a hydraulic component and the 'Y' axis to control up/down function of a second hydraulic component.  What I would like to add is a boolean switch - call it an activation button - so that in my code I can write 'X' axis not activation button function one, 'X' axis and boolean switch function 2, 'Y' axis not boolean switch function 3 and so on.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.  I think that I likely need to convert the boolean signal to an integer but am currently unsure of how to do this.

Not sure I understand your question: do you have two other functions that you wish to activate with the joystick based on switch selection?  For example, no switch X-function 1, then switch input enables X-function 2 rather than function1


I have 2 functions that I would like to control with the 'X' axis and 2 functions to control with the 'Y' axis. 

You can use Boolean controlled switches for the Joystick signals.
You should take care that the switching between the two functions is only enabled when the joystick is in neutral position.


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