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When I finished making the tutorial and tried to compile it I got the following error:

*** ERROR 448 *** [PLUS1_IDE] Compilation Failure

Information gathered by: PLUS1_IDE
Version: 2022.4.6.4923
Project: C:\Mijn Documenten\Documenten\Danfoss\PLUS1\GUIDE\Blink Led.p1x
Date and time: 9-Mar-2023 14:53:51

No specific issues identified

Does anyone know what the error means and what I can do about it?

Thank you in advance

I've never had a compilation failure if there were no errors.  Actually, maybe once I did, and I closed the program and reopened and recompiled.  If you do 'close to p1p' then close GUIDE, reopen, and compile again then do you get that error?

thank you for answering

I did this but still get the same error. Every time I open PLUS+1 GUIDE or start a new project I get the following message. Could this be due to this?

Thanks in advance for any help

At the builder messages I see the following: This program is blocked by Group Policy. For more information, contact the system administrator. Could this be because I have some restrictions from the IT department?   If this is the case, what should I have them adjust so that this is no longer a problem?

Is your project/folder located on a Network drive?  Sometimes this can cause issues with compiling, and no real error is given.

Try to copy your project to C drive, and see if you get the same error.


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