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Looking for connecting to PVED-CC Serie 4



I want to connect to a valve PVED-SS Serie 4
Accordinf to the pdf, i must download the PLUS+1 PVE Service tool S4 DJ ref 11103046.
But i can't find it on

I download the PLUS+1 Service Tool 2022.4.
But i was only able to download the p1d file for the PVED-CC serie 5.

Is there any solution?

Best regards.

You'll want to use the PLUS+1 Update Center and find it in there.  I also look on the website first often times, and when I can't find it there the Helpdesk always says to use the Update Center software to find it.  The Update Center comes with the GUIDE platform.

Thank you very much, i found the PVED S4. Great!


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