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Downloading the Service Tool is a hassle or outright broken

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Have also run into this here. Is time consuming sitting with the techs to download/update software.

The link on the webpage isn't very clear/standout.

I kind of thought after the replies here that we'd see a response from a Danfoss personnel.

I also had to send a customer the downloaded .exe file for them to install service tool.  They NEVER got an email with a link.


Sorry about the late reply, but summer vacation got in the way.

I don't have a good answer to why it was the way it was, or why it is the way it is. Who knows about tomorrow?  I don't make the decisions.

"In fact, why not just let them download it directly once they've filled out the form?"

Yes the preferred way to get the PLUS+1 Tools, files and document are to use the PLUS+1 Update Center.
One place to find what you need.

No more "web hunting" for the latest files, no forms to fill in, no emails with download links that never shows up because of different reasons. You have to spend 1 minute to create an account to use it.
How to use it:

With that said, it's not the perfect tool for everybody, especially if you don't want to install another software. But you seem to have found the workaround to keep the setup files and share.

Your inputs are very much appreciated and are shared with the correct people.

Have a nice day.

One could also make the update software an install-free executable. That would make the perception of a "long procedure" shorter


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