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how is virtual CG150 ?


Hi guys, what is it for and what use can be made of virtual danfoss CG150 virtual ??

This sort of came up recently in a discussion with Danfoss, and my recollection is that there's virtually no use for the virtual CG-150 (pun intended).  We asked them to remove this entirely.  I get calls regularly - this week included - from customers who's Service Tool is mistakenly looking at the virtual CG-150.  It just needs to be removed ASAP please Danfoss.


Now I'm curious.
I can't remember any time I have ever used this virtual channels in Service Tool. But they are probably there for a reason?
I will try to get some answers from the developers and see if I can get some history on these virtual channels. If they are not necessary, and cause confusion, it might be a good idea to remove them.
Unfortunate it's vacation time, and it may take a while, but I will keep you posted whenever I get an answer.

Have a nice day.

buuuu :o, I thought it is for hardware simulation, this I need especially when it is a system with more than one controller, IQAN has it more than covered many years ago


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